In Your Season of Uncertainty

Two quotes specifically have become my mantra during my 20’s because they provide such hope and so much to look forward to as I navigate uncertainty. The first is “For everything there is a season,” and the second is “The best is yet to come.”

For everything there is a season is a biblical quote in origin. Ecclesiates 3 says, “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven…” it goes on to list many contradictory ways of being, illustrating that each of them has their place in our story. This provides me a great comfort during a very unique time in my life where my future is wide open. 

  • I have no idea what my career will look like in five years (I absolutely dread that interview question).
  • I still live at home so my future house or apartment is a giant question mark.
  • And lastly, my future hypothetical wedding is not planned for anytime soon.

The very real temptation is to wallow in the uncertainty of it all. Obsessively try to picture what life will be like even five, ten, twenty years from now. Speculating with limited information about your own life leads to looking to the lives of others. Even worse, scrolling through social media until your thumb is sore and soul is tired from all the comparison.

I know from experience that none of these things will make me feel like I’m on stable ground and know where I’m headed. Instead you’re filling yourself up with the wants/needs/aspirations of others, which can be either a real let down or a huge comparison trap where you never measure up.

When I stop looking to others and just let myself feel uncertain, the future possibilities start to open up. I think about all the wonderful things I have to look forward to, and “the best is yet to come” has so much meaning. Deeper friendships- with people I haven’t even met yet! An awesome career that I love, a husband and kids. Growing more and more confident in my faith. I think C.S. Lewis said it best: “There are far, far better things ahead than what we leave behind.”

I especially know this to be true because I have seen it working in my own life. When I think back to high school only six years ago it almost feels like a hazy dream. An older friend once told me that when you hit a new major event in your life (graduation, getting married, having kids, etc) it feels like your life beforehand never happened. It’s almost impossible to remember exactly how you felt at that time in your life because you are facing a completely new reality that demands all of your attention.

This is exciting to think about because I feel like each stage will help me grow in different ways. Even though my currently reality involves a lot of uncertainty, I will have many future seasons that will be even brighter and more exciting.

Until that happens, I want to completely cherish this time in my life, not resent it. When will I ever have so much agency again? For now I will take joy in a season of singleness, a season to bond with my parents under the same roof, a season of finding my groove in the working world, and of cultivating faith and friendships in the midst of it all.


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