Knit Together in Love

Community is heavily emphasized in the book of Colossians through the use of powerful imagery. Paul says in Colossians 2:2, “…that their hearts might be encouraged, being knit together in love…”

I don’t know much about knitting, but I have a close friend who does. She spends all year working on hats, scarves and blankets for those she loves. After all that labor she ends up with a wonderful gift that someone can enjoy and be warmed by for years to come.

What I have learned from her is that knitting is a slow, purpose-filled process. It costs time, energy and devotion to see it through to the end. Despite the process being slow and having to deal with a few snags here and there, it is one that she takes great joy in.

The bible says that God is the potter and we are the clay. But can’t that analogy also be applied to knitting? Aren’t our congregations, our Christian communities, being slowly knit together in love by God when we surrender our lives to Him?

By devoting ourselves to attending worship, bible studies, sharing prayer requests, providing encouragement, are we not sharing our lives with one another? The softening of our hearts and our willingness to be real with one another allows God to intertwine our hopes and prayers and experiences so that we are united in love.

Imagine God’s joy as He watches His people come together to worship Him and be close with one another? I image He takes great pleasure in making our bonds stronger so that we are one big blanket that provides warmth and security to one another and those around us.

How much warmth can be spread by a blanket? How much more by entering a congregation of God’s people knit together in love?

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